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Related article: Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 13:10:59 -0700 (PDT) From: 3Q Subject: After School Special-1[Read disclaimers below if you desire.] I'd been teaching for several years before I started at Littlefield High School. I'd been in different schools for delinquents mostly. Now, there were plenty of instances when mischievous boys had tried to manipulate me with their charms, and there had been times when boys who I'm sure were gay tried to use that on me too. But when they have histories of violence and evil deeds, it's not hard to resist. In fact, when you are nervous that one will knock you over the head in the dark, it's easy. I started teaching at Littlefield because I was tired of the twisted little fuckers in the juvenile system. I wanted something easy. I wanted to just have fun and not worry about whose medication was wearing off. Allen was a bright, brilliant, slim stoner boy who had a few decent friends, the ones he hung out with and smoked with, and he was not afraid to state his opinion. He was, like so many smart boys, more of an adult than his peers. He was a sophomore the first year I had him, my third year at Littlefield, and he had just turned sixteen. He was all of sixteen, and perhapse the most perceptive, aware, alive young man I had ever met. The year went by pretty smoothly. I was, without trying, decidedly the coolest teacher in school. I didn't try to be, but I was. I even knew that being a "cool" teacher was very dangerous. Being cool meant that students wanted to be in your room. Being cool meant that students mentioned you in a good way, even in front of other teachers. Many teachers are a product of their environment. They have worked an adversarial position so long, they can never be anything but adversaries with their students. I knew also that teachers can be a jealous lot. They wanted to be the most inspiring teacher, if they cared at all, and if you took that from them, they got bitter about it. I liked the age Preteen Modeling group because I felt you could reason with them, and treat them like young adults. I did. And to the surprise of many, when treated like adults, they acted like young adults. They got a little silly, they got a little out of hand, but they took responsibility for it, and they paid you back in respect. They got to be themselves, and so they showed you the good side that many adults in their life rarely get to see. They got comfortable, and they had fun. I couldn't count the number of times that a growing, sleepy high school boy stretch his muscles in front of me. Sometimes it was completely unaware of my gaze, other times despite it. And once in a while, it was because they knew I was watching. Allen did that from time to time. Actually, with his changing moods and sometimes influenced mind he did it a good bit. He wore some low riding jeans, like I wish I had seen on every guy during the seventies. These days, it was just the few most stylish, like Allen. Allen knew style, and didn't have to try to dress like he owned the look. He wore his low riding jeans and ridiculously short t-shirts that rode Preteen Modeling up on his tum as he stretched. Holy fuck, it was all I could do to not reach out and touch it when he exposed his flat stomach with its hint of treasure trail. He'd sit on his chair backwards sometimes, and his jeans would expose his lower back until I could just about see his cheeks, but not quite. Among the many virile, hormonal, young guys that paraded through my room in my three years at Littlefield, Allen was my favorite. And Allen, and a couple of others were the reason I had to leave. I knew that they had their spell spun on me. It was downright dangerous. Before I left, there was another young man, David, who could lead me around by my nose. As hard as I tried not to let him see me look at him lovingly, as hard as I tried to joke and be silly, rather than serious and ga-ga with the boy, I just couldn't. I found myself seeking him out. Carefully, subtlety, surreptitiously, seeking him out. I knew I had to leave. I knew it was only a matter of time before I professed my love to some boy, and got summarily booted out of the profession and into prison. Luckily, seventeen is a magic number. The year when a young person can decide to have sex with just about anyone who agrees. I had high hopes when I had packed my grade book in my boxes, with the contact info for all of my students. And about half way through the summer, I finally had the gumption to take out that book and take a look at it. I flipped through the book, and just looking at the names brought back flashes of the good times I had had with my students. It brought a smile to my face several times. I was not looking aimlessly though, I was looking for a few good men. Seventeen year old ones, even if just. The ones who had hung out in my classroom and chatted with me until the next bell rang. The ones who sought me out when they didn't have my class. The ones who stashed their gym bags in my room when their locker was too full. Then I found the one I would call. The one of just a few with whom I had some pretty frank discussions about all things adolescent. The one about whom I had had fantasies several times when jerking off before my morning shower. Allen. I called him up during the day, when I expected he'd be hanging out at home by himself. And he was. I kept it brief on the phone and asked Allen if he'd like to stop over some time. He did. And two days later. I was on pins and needles waiting for him to arrive, and when he did, it was all I could do not to run out the front door and greet him. I let him inside, and offered him something to drink. I opened the fridge and let him choose his own. He chose, of course, a beer. I opened mine and his and we went out to the screen porch. Summers in the south could be hot, but with the right breeze off of a nearby lake, it was bearable on the screen porch. We sat down, and I pulled out the pipe and lighter, and we casually, slowly smoked a bowl of weed together. Allen had a few questions, but was used to his teacher being a bit reserved at school, so he was politely uninquisitive. It took the first twenty minutes to get him to stop calling me Mr. Davis, and call me Hank. >From there it was a natural progression to talking about life and the complexities of it as conversations tend to go with a little help from a magic herb. Finally, there was a big pause, and Allen spit it out. "Hank," he giggled when he used that name, "did you ever think anyone would notice that you always gave me A's and I didn't do shit in your class?" "What?" "Did you think no one would notice that I got all A's in your class, and I didn't have to do most of the work?" "Well, Allen, there were several students who worked at the level you did, and didn't need to do all of the bullshit to get it. I never gave you a grade you didn't deserve." "So, were any of those students girls?" "What do you mean?" "Were any of the student who worked at a higher level and didn't need to do all of the bullshit, were any of them girls?" "Well," I thought for a minute, then two. Then it hit me. Without intending to, without even being aware of it, I had picked favorites in all of my classes. He was right. The list was all boys. "I guess you're right, but I never noticed." "I did." "You did?" "Like the end of the first semester," he said with a wry grin. "And that's how I knew." "Knew what?" "That you liked boys." "You knew?" "I knew, and I actually thought you knew I did." "Whoa." "Didn't you think that I had a problem when I would always stretch my arms and then sit on your desk?" I'd been played. Just a bit, and not too far, but I'd been played by this boy. And now we were several steps down a path that had only two possible destinations. I was hoping I knew which one. "So?" "So," Allen got up from his chair, stood up, and stretched. His summer shorts rode down low, and his summer shirt, a tank top, rode up high, revealing his flat, smooth tum, and just the top of his hips. "So, Hank, maybe now I can ask you something I've been dreaming about asking you since the first day I had your class. "And that is?" Allen walked over to my chair, and stood between my legs. He said, "do with me whatever you want," and with that he lifted his arms out to the sides, and looked down at me with a grin. I sat up, and looked at him. I looked for about half of a minute while my pot steeped mind realized what was happening. Then I reached up with both hands, and slid them up his stomach. I slid them up, under his tank, and stood up at the same time. I ran my hands around to the back of his body and pulled him towards me. His arms dropped and wrapped around me, and my own hands slid up to his shoulders as I placed my lips on his. Our lips met, and I felt the tender, smooth, mushy warmth of his lips sliding on mine, and then our mouths became one. One writhing mass of flesh and teeth and saliva that swam together for a time that seemed endless. I kissed him, and kissed him. Then I kissed him some more as I held his body tight to mine. It was only when he ground his crotch into mine that I realized that his hard cock was rubbing my own, and I felt the wet spot that my own copious precum had made on the front of my shorts. He ground his hardon into mine, and I slid my hands down his back, down his smooth skin, and down into the loose waist band of his shorts, down onto the smooth, muscular, perfect handfuls of ass that the boy had hidden. He slid his own hands down my back, still on the outside of my clothes and grabbed my ass too. I guided him over, to the large outdoor couch that was off to the side of the porch, and turned to sit with him in front of me. "Let's do this slowly," I suggested. "Let's take forever," he replied. I slipped my hands under the sides of his shirt, and slid them up. He raised his arms and I lifted the little shirt over his head. Then I bent down to kiss his torso, and lick at his nipples. I knelt down, and took a hold of the button on his shorts, and he suddenly sucked in his stomach. The shorts dropped from my hands, and to the ground. He stood before me naked. Just perfection, and complete perfection. His muscles filling in the impossibly smooth, sun freckled skin at all of the right places. And as his shorts dropped, up popped a nice, hard, long, uncut, drizzling boner that pointed straight at my face. And then, without warning, it shot. His cock shot, and fired its first volley boy boycum up onto Preteen Modeling my head and forehead, drawing a line down the middle of my face. The second shot hit my cheek, and then I swiftly moved in. I took that shooting cock into my mouth and captured the last of that second volley in my mouth. As it continued to shoot, another four or five times, I slid my mouth onto that penis, down, and down until it was buried in my throat. When it struck the back of my throat, Allen let out a yell, "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!" He was so loud, it actually echoed for a moment, in the porch and the trees. I held his cock in my throat for a few more seconds, as Allen grabbed a hold of my head, and then he started to melt. I could tell he was relaxing his legs, and I caught him, and stood up to take a hold of his body. "Mr. Davis," he hissed. "Er, Hank." "Allen." "I've dreamed about that so many times." "So have I." I held him, and we started to kiss again, when I noticed that his dick was rock hard again. He started to hump it against mine, and I started to hump him back. He reached up and took a hold of my shirt and pulled it up over my head so fast that he nearly took my ears off. He buried his face in my chest as he reached down for the fastener of my shorts and hummed, "mmmmmmmmmmmm," into my chest. He dropped my shorts and let my cock swing free. It swung up into his and banged it pretty hard. He opened his eyes and noticed my pierced nipple, and just said, "wow," as he extended his tongue and licked at it. When he humped me again with his dripping cock, he got mine pushed up against that magnificent stomach of his, and then opened his eyes and looked up into my eyes. Then he pulled back and looked down. "Oh my god," he exclaimed as he looked down at my dick. "It's huge! How big is it?" "About eleven inches," I said. "Oh my god," he exclaimed again as he dropped to his knees. As his hands slid down to my hips, I looked down and could see my cock actually pulsing with the beat of my heart, and like a mini orgasm, it was literally pumping out precum in drizzling gobs, down onto what was now much lower, Allen's own hard cock. He stuck out his tongue, and caught some of the precum. He let it gather on his tongue, and took it in. When he closed his lips to swallow, it just dribbled onto his lips, and down his chin. He opened those Preteen Modeling luscious lips, and took the head in. Just about filling his mouth, the head slid in, and his lips closed past the corona. He moved his lips just a half an inch or so up and down, and then it was my turn to be quick on the trigger. I fired hard into his mouth as I took his head in my hands. "Oh, Allen, Preteen Modeling mmm, mmmm, mmmmmmm," I intoned as I came in his mouth. I looked down and just a bit of cum dribbled out of each of the corners of his mouth. He let the head slip out, and swallowed hard. Taking a big mouthful of cum into his belly. Allen stood back up and we took each other in our arms, and he hugged me tight. He held me for a minute, then he leaned back. He looked up at me and asked, "Can I please keep calling you Mr. Davis?" "But you don't have to Allen, there's no need." "I know, I know, but I think of you as Mr. Davis, my teacher, and that has made me hot for so long. I want to keep thinking of you as Mr. Davis." "Well," I paused, "if you want to, I guess it's OK." "Good," Allen smiled. "Because I've practiced this for a long time," he said. "What?" He looked up at me, and his eyes closed just a bit as he did. "Mr. Davis, will you fuck me?" The realization swept over me again, that this young Adonis was giving himself to me, and I looked back into his eyes. I reached behind me on the couch and picked up a blanket. I threw it over my shoulder, then I pulled Allen to me, with my hands on his beautiful Preteen Modeling buns, and picked him up, his legs wrapping naturally around my hips. I carried him out the porch door Preteen Modeling into the back yard. My house was on the top of a rise, just a small one. Just enough that the neighbors�^�^� top floors looked straight into the hill. They couldn't see over my privacy fence if they were on top of their roof. And between the privacy fence and their yard was another hundred yards of fenced field that I had never seen anyone cross. Alone in the great outdoors, I loved to stand in my yard at night, naked and feel the breeze on my skin. But now, it was even better. I carried Allen over to a section of the grass that is just in the shade, and I lowered him just a bit. He stood on the grass, and I flipped the blanket out onto the grass. I took him in my arms again and picked him up, to lay him on top of that blanket. "Have you ever done this before, Allen?" "Not with anyone else," Allen replied, "just my fingers trying to get ready for this day." I laid him on his back, and lowered myself to kiss him. After a little kiss, I moved down, kissing his skin, his nipples, his stomach and his hard cock. Then I reached for his ankles and pushed them towards his buttocks. What greeted me what his full nut sack with a few hairs on it, then his crack and then, as I pushed his ankles up and his knees touched his chest, his beautiful, hairless pucker. I looked at it for a few seconds, and just took it in. This was the object of many of my dreams, attached to this beautiful boy. I stuck out my tongue and lightly licked that gathering of skin. I licked and tickled it lightly, and Allen moaned. I licked it gently, and ran my tongue from the bottom of his sack, across his hole, and down the crack beyond. I licked back and forth. I licked and licked and let the saliva gather and run. I started licking more firmly at the hole and playing my tongue across its folds. I licked and licked. I started to push my tongue against the hole, and alternated big swipes across it with stabs of my tongue. I licked and pushed. I pushed at that hole and worked it to get it wet. I slathered it with tongue and saliva, and gradually it opened up to my tongue and I could stab further and further inside. His sweet ass tasted of warmth, and soap and sweat. His hole tasted like boy. The taste that I imagined when I had dreamed of tonguing this crack so many mornings and nights. I worked at his ass for a long, long time. His moans and gasps alternated. Then when I thought that he was as relaxed as my tongue could make him, I slobbered on my finger and slid it in as I moved up and started kissing him on the lips. I slid my finger in slowly, and kissed him. I worked his mouth as I slid gently back and forth, and ever further into his ass. I leaned on him and his leg just a bit so I could use my other hand. I reached up and took a hold of his hard dick. I rubbed the precum around on it and slowly, firmly jacked his dick. He moaned some more, and I worked my finger around and in, and pushed it in as far as it would go. I worked it in and out. Then without letting go of his dick, I moved down and replaced my tongue with my finger. I slobbered some more on his hole, then slobbered on my middle finger as I moved up again to kiss him. I slid both fingers in as I started mashing my mouth against his. Kissing him with my lips and my tongue and opening my mouth to take all of him in. When my fingers pushed in as far as they would go, I pushed hard against his ass, and he grunted, then moaned again, into my open mouth. As I jacked his dick, and kissed him Preteen Modeling like I was drinking him in, I slid those two fingers in and out. Slowly at first, then faster and harder. Forcing my fingers all of the way in each time, I pressed on and in, and felt for his prostate. I felt it and took my other hand off of his dick and lifted my face off of his. I wanted to see his expression, and I took those fingers and pressed gently against his prostate, and watched as a river of precum just flowed out of his cock. He nearly screamed as I pushed, and gently rubbed, and his eyes closed in ecstasy. I pulled those fingers out, and he immediately opened his eyes. I moved my face down quickly, and dove into that ass again. I slobbered and licked, I probed and pushed. I worked my tongue all of the way into his ass and moved it around in that muscle. I fucked him with my tongue and slathered the whole area in my spit. And then after a few more minutes, I slobbered on the third finger that was to enter dear Allen's bottom. I slicked it up and then moved up again, but this time to take his drooling cock in my mouth as the three fingers entered him slowly, and together. I slowly mouthed his cock, and gradually worked it down my throat. A good seven inches, I'd say from the distance it traveled down. I slowly and gently sucked on his cock, just slow enough that he wouldn't shoot yet. I could feel him try to thrust into my throat, and would lift with him to prevent it. I didn't want him to lose his load quite yet. I worked those three digits into his ass for another few minutes as I alternated my mouth between his cock and his own lips. I pushed them all of the way in, and tried to just brush against his prostate every other stroke or so. I moved them around, and stretched at that muscle to open it as much as I could. Then after it felt good and loose, I moved back down with my mouth. I licked around and around that hole. And then across it with several swipes. Then I started to trace around its outside before I pushed my tongue in. I worked it in, and around the relaxed muscle. I slathered and slobbered to get it good and wet. Then I rose up and knelt above him as I drooled saliva down onto my own dick. I took the rear of each thigh in hand and pushed Allen's legs to his chest as I guided my cock towards his hole. I used my hand to guide it in, and just touched the head to his hole. I poked and touched it ever so slightly, before I started to enter. I started to push, as slowly as I could and worked it back and forth on its way. I gently stretched his ring with my head, and moved forward and back just a bit more with each stroke. Then with a gentle slow push, I popped in, my head clearing the muscle. I drooled some spit down onto Allen's already shiny and dripping cock, and I took it in my right hand. I jacked it slowly and worked my cock into him at the same time. I moved my hand up and down his cock, and leaned forward to kiss him, trapping his cock and my hand in between us. As I drove my tongue into his mouth especially deeply, I moved some more inches of my cock into his ass. A few more strokes, and a few more kisses, and it was in. I felt the base of my cock, my groin, push up against his smooth ass, and I held it there. I lifted my mouth from his and looked down into his eyes. His whole face lit up with a smile, and his eyes looked directly into mine. "Oh, Mr. Davis, fuck me. Oh, my god, Mr. Davis, fuck me hard. I've wanted you inside me for so long, please fuck me hard and forever." Oh, the seal of youth! I took one of his hands that were up above his head, and brought it down to his dick. He started jacking too quickly and I slowed him with my hand. Then I raised up, and put a hand on each ankle, and I pulled slowly half way out, and then drove my cock firmly in. I started with gentle half strokes of my cock and worked his ass good. I worked it in and out, and gradually pulled out further and thrust in harder. I worked it slowly and gradually more until his cheeks were meeting my thighs with a small slap. The whole time, Allen mumbled, with his eyes tightly closed, "Fuck me, Mr. Davis, fuck me. Oh, Mr. Davis, yes. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." I fucked him until my orgasm started to build and then took over. I fucked him hard and our bodies slapped together loudly. "Oh, Allen, oh, Allen, oh, Allen." "Yes, yes, yes, yes," he answered. Then I almost went black when I fired into him, and a loud "ahhhhhh," left my lips. And I came. I came and came, and with slow strokes, and waves of orgasm, I came into Allen until I almost stopped moving in and out. It was then that his hand, which had stopped jacking his cock minutes ago, grabbed for it again, and furiously whipped up and down for five or six strokes before Allen himself screamed, "ohhhhhhhh!" so loudly I heard a couple of dogs start to bark down the hill. His hand moved up and down as his cum shot out of him, and it splattered onto the grass above his head for the first three shots. After four or five more, he came to a stop and breathed fast while his hand dropped back beside his head. I let his legs down, but didn't pull out as I lowered my weight on top of him. We kissed and moaned, and I slowly moved in and out of him, as we came down from an incredible high. I rolled off of him, and he snuggled up to me. We both closed our eyes, and dozed off.Disclaimer: None of this happened, though it would be legal if it had. Nifty can do as they wish with this story, others may do nothing with it as it's mine. I'll give you an email next chapter so you can suggest or praise. ___________ end ___________
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